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Okano ICT Model: AT-01

(Operator Sitting Type)



Okano ICT Model:AT-01C

(Operator Standing Type)



The Okano AT-01 accurately detects shorts, open, wrong components, missing components and reverse mounted components for resistor, capacitor, diode, transistor, inductor, LED and FET. And AT-01 is especially designed to detect open pins of ICs.


When used together with the options ( FrameScan & DeltaScan), it covers some of the test capabilities ( Finding opens, other faults common to digital & mixed signal VSLI and ASIC device package ) of the high-end testers in the market, way ahead of its closest competitors.


Okano AT-01 operating software, overwhelmed by its user friendly and dynamic features has adopted windows-base testing concept. It runs on windows XP, which is today's newest technology. Being windows-base also enables its compatibility with other windows-base supporting softwares, further enhancing the functions and competitiveness of AT-01 system.


Okano ICT Model: AT-01 Portable Type





Okano AT-01 Portable as its name suggests can be conveniently relocated due to its compact size. The complete unit can be installed on a table top and easily integrated with a variety of fixture kits. Its test features are same as their full size version machines but maximum test nodes is limited to 384 pins and smaller PCB size comparatively. Cost wise it is also lower than full size version machines.

Okano ICT Model: AT-01 In-Line System





In-line AT-01, a fully automated In-circuit Tester, can be customised to suit various production requirements. Loader & unloader can be incorporated to auto feed and collect the boards under test. NG stacker or Traverser can be added to divert the fail boards to rework stations. Significant improvement in the productivity of the tester in labor costs can be achieved.


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